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Cancer Foundation Finland´s grants

Each year, the Cancer Foundation Finland disburses about €5 million in grants. The Foundation and its funds award grants to over a hundred researchers or research teams. The Foundation makes allocations twice a year.

Travel grants

Each year the Cancer Foundation disburses travel grants for study, conferences and lectures.

Grants for psychosocial cancer research

Psychosocial cancer research studies psychological and social factors that influence the emergence of cancer, risk factors, detection, as well as the different stages of cancer, for instance. The focus of research can also be the social environment, such as family and working life.

Grants committee and evaluation committees

The Cancer Foundation’s grants committee and evaluation committees make expert assessments of grant applications.

Other forms of research support

Apart from grants, the Cancer Foundation supports research in other ways.

Instructions for grant applicants

Instructions for applying for grants from the Finnish Cancer Foundation in 2017