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Cancer Foundation Finland´s grants

Each year, the Cancer Foundation Finland disburses about €5 million in grants. The Foundation and its funds award grants to over a hundred researchers or research teams. The Foundation makes allocations twice a year.


Grant applications are open for scientific research on the biological, clinical, epidemiological, and psychosocial aspects of cancer. Applications can be made from 1 June 2020 to 21 August 2020.

Apply here.

Grants awarded 2019 (in Finnish)

In autumn 2020, the Cancer Foundation Finland will be disbursing four major rants, research and dissertation grants, to be applied for using the online application programme. A research protocol and the main applicant’s list of published works for the last five years (2015 – 2020) are to be attached to the application. Applications may not be supplemented after the application period. Late applications will be rejected. Applications that do not conform to the grant application instructions will also not be considered.

The Cancer Foundation Finland collects, processes and makes use of your personal data in order to identify you. Your personal data is stored on the Cancer Foundation’s grant application database. Read more.

Newspaper ad about grants (pdf)

Instructions for applicants

Each spring, the Cancer Foundation Finland disburses travel grants. In autumn, the Foundation disburses major grants and other grants to research teams, grants for psychosocial cancer research as well as dissertation grants.

Research grants are awarded in each November. Travel grants are awarded in each May. Applications periods are every June-August for research grants, and February for travel grants.

Grants awarded in 2016 (in Finnish)

Grants awarded 2015 (in Finnish)

Funds and committee

The Cancer Foundation Finland has about 50 operational funds from which it disburses grants. The best known of these is the President J.K. Paasikivi Fund.

Scientific funds of the Cancer Foundation (in Finnish)

The grant applications the Cancer Foundation Finland receives are assessed by the grants committee, made up of highly qualified experts in cancer research. The grants committee submits its proposals for grant recipients to the board of the Cancer Foundation Finland.

Grants committee

In addition to the Cancer Foundation Finland, the regional cancer associations provide support for cancer research. Further information is available from the associations’ websites.

Regional cancer associations

The Cancer Foundation Finland does not award research grants to researchers or research teams that receive funding from the tobacco industry. Any company or group of companies that derive a major portion of their income from the manufacture or marketing of tobacco products is deemed to be part of the tobacco industry.

Further information about the Cancer Foundation’s grants
tel. 050 410 1456 (Jarmo Walhfors)

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