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Other forms of research support

Apart from grants, the Cancer Foundation supports research in other ways.

The Cancer Foundation provides support for the Foundation for the Finnish Cancer Institute. The Institute funds research activities (professorships, the work of senior cancer researchers, doctoral research work) and disburses grants. It also disburses course and travel grants for the further training of clinical oncologists and international conferences of cancer researchers. The Institute has also organised many international conferences on cancer research.

The Cancer Foundation supports the joint Nordic research projects of the Nordic Cancer Union’s cancer research fund.

The Cancer Foundation supports scientific meetings and other scientific activities held in Finland and linked to cancer control on the basis of individual initiatives or applications and at its discretion.

Together with Tampere University, the Cancer Society funds a part-time (20%) cancer epidemiological professorship at Tampere University’s School of Health Sciences. The professor participates as a course leader in an international epidemiological further training programme and as a tutor for doctoral dissertation work.