Health promotion

The key objectives of the Cancer Society are health promotion and cancer prevention. Through its work the Society seeks to reduce people’s risks of getting cancer and the harm caused by the disease.

The Cancer Society carries out health promotion work in many fields. It seeks to influence social policy, public attitudes, social and health care practices and the choices people make.

The Cancer Society produces authoritative information on cancer prevention and health promotion. It orients its health promotion campaigns at several different target groups. The Society produces materials for instance for teachers and the general public. It cooperates with other organisations and authorities in health promotion work.

One of the Cancer Society’s most important health promotion aims is to stop the use of tobacco products and prevent them being taken up.  A particular target group in this work is young people. Apart from the dangers of smoking we also focus on the harm caused by snus, e-cigarettes and passive smoking.

In recent years the Cancer Society has put a strong emphasis on the importance of nutrition, exercise and weight management in cancer prevention. The Cancer Society seeks to reduce the incidence of skin cancer and cervical cancer in its health promotion work. It also aims for better public understanding of the carcinogenic properties of alcohol.

The Cancer Society runs a number of health promotion websites, which are aimed at various different target groups:

Ilman syöpää (in Finnsh) – is aimed to provide information on cancer prevention.

Fressis (in Finnish) – is aimed at motivating young people to quit using tobacco.

Tobacco body – shows the ways in which tobacco affects the body.