Cancer Society of Finland

The Cancer Society of Finland is a strong and competent organisation, the overall aim of which is to ensure a good quality of life for everyone, free from cancer and regardless of cancer. The organisation offers people information, support and hope.

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Get involved

Thousands of people throughout Finland do voluntary work for the Cancer Society of Finland. Our volunteers are our vital asset. You can take part in the work of the CSF by joining a member association, making a donation or volunteering your time. We value all help.


The Cancer Society of Finland consists of 12 regional cancer societies and five national patient organisations. The CSF maintains the Finnish Cancer Registry. Cancer Foundation Finland is a charitable organisation and the main private funder of cancer research in the country.


The activities carried out by the Cancer Society of Finland are varied, professional and influential. The Cancer Society works at local and national level throughout the country. It strives to support people with cancer, prevent the disease and reduce the harm that it causes. The Cancer Society’s task is to produce, interpret and disseminate information and provide advice, support and services for cancer patients and their loved ones.


The Cancer Society of Finland publishes Syöpä-Cancer magazine, statistical and research publications and booklets. The CSF member organisation the Association of Finnish Cancer Patients also publishes handbooks for patients and their loved ones.


The Cancer Foundation is the largest private funder of cancer research in Finland. It annually disburses over €5 million for cancer research, mostly direct research projects. The Cancer Foundation’s assistance is mainly for conducting long-term research and for well-established teams of researchers. The Cancer Foundation also provides support for completing doctoral dissertations.