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Article 2 of the rules and regulations of the Cancer Foundation state that the foundation’s purpose is “to combat the harm caused by cancer to our nation and the members of it”.

Purpose of the Cancer Foundation

According to the rules and regulations, revised in 2016, the foundation can fulfil its function by

  • disbursing grants, assistance and other financial support for research and other activities that further its purpose
  • providing financial support to the Cancer Society of Finland
  • carrying out and supporting training and information activities
  • fulfilling its function through all other forms of activity that further its purpose.

The Cancer Society of Finland is the marketing name for the entity that comprises the Cancer Society of Finland and its member associations plus the Cancer Foundation. The division of duties between the Cancer Society and the Cancer Foundation is based on a 1964 cooperation statute. The Cancer Society and its member organisations have a common strategy. The society’s board and the board of the foundation meet jointly and they have a common executive committee and financial affairs committee.


In its strategy until 2020, the mission of the Cancer Society of Finland is to beat cancer. The goal is to prevent cancer, bring about early diagnosis, and develop treatments. Every cancer patient is supported in his or her recovery and to live a full life regardless of the disease or its aftermath.

Values and vision

The Cancer Society of Finland’s values are:

  • equality and justice
  • accessibility
  • reliability
  • a sense of community.

The society’s vision is for a good life without cancer and despite cancer. According to the strategy, “our aim is that as few people as possible get cancer, that of those who do as many as possible make a full recovery, and that people who have incurable cancer can live as full lives as possible thanks to good treatment and support”.



Strategic aims

According to the 2020 strategy, the Cancer Society of Finland is a robust and proficient organisation whose task is to

  • to make cancer prevention and early detection more effective
  • support the development of cancer treatment
  • promote people’s good life despite having cancer
  • bolster cancer research.