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Cancer Foundation Finland

The Cancer Foundation Finland is the largest private funder of cancer research in Finland. It is a charitable foundation and has had an important influence in developing cancer research and cancer control in the country.

Through its grants, the Cancer Foundation Finland supports cancer prevention and work to benefit cancer patients. Along with the Cancer Society of Finland, the Foundation exerts an influence on national cancer policy and wants to ensure that patients have good treatment, status and benefits.

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The Cancer Society and the Cancer Foundation Finland have a common strategy. Their boards meet jointly and they have the same Secretary General. They also have a common working committee  and finance committee.


The work of the Cancer Foundation

Support for research

The Cancer Foundation Finland is an important funding source for cancer research. The Foundation disburses grants to cancer researchers. It also supports the work of the Finnish Cancer Registry and the Mass Screening Registry.


Support for cancer work

The Cancer Foundation Finland supports work benefiting cancer patients and their relatives and cancer prevention. The Cancer Society’s national advice service is maintained with the support of the Cancer Foundation Finland.

Cancer Foundation Finland’s symposium

Each year, the Cancer Foundation Finland arranges a symposium for experts on cancer research and cancer treatment. These national symposia bring together specialists in cancer types, cancer prevention, diagnostics, treatment, follow up and rehabilitation. The participants are mainly consultant physicians and researchers.

Action plan and annual report

Elected officials


A major part of the Cancer Foundation Finland’s work concerns fundraising.

The Foundation has several channels for donations:

  • monthly donations
  • one-off donations
  • bequests
  • memorial collections
  • red-letter day collections
  • corporate donations and corporate cooperation

The best-known fundraising campaign of the Cancer Foundation Finland is the Pink Ribbon campaign. This is organised to support Finnish breast cancer research and specialist counselling. The Pink Ribbon Campaign was held in Finland for the first time in 2003.

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