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The Cancer Society of Finland’s established finances are rooted in income from fundraising and investments. Grants also play an important part in financing our activities.

We organise our work efficiently to keep costs down and so that resources can be allocated as appropriately as possible.

Cancer Society of Finland

Cancer work refers to activities benefitting cancer patients and their loved ones, cancer prevention and increasing awareness about cancer risk factors and how our own choices can reduce the risk of cancer.The Finnish Cancer Society maintains the Finnish Cancer Registry and the Mass-screening Registry, which operates as part of it.

The National Institute for Health and Welfare has an open-ended agreement with the CSF for the technical upkeep of the Finnish Cancer Registry, and finances its activities from government subsidies. Apart from scientific research, it also funds ad hoc research agreements and grants. The Cancer Foundation also provides funding for the Cancer Registry and Mass-screening Registry.

Cancer Foundation Finland

The Cancer Foundation Finland annually supports cancer research with millions of euros. The majority of scientific support is distributed as research grants – in 2022, the Cancer Foundation supported Finnish cancer research with over 7 million euros in grants. Additionally, the Cancer Foundation supports CSF’s national advice service and cancer work on an annual basis. In 2022, the amount of support for these services exceeded three million euros.

The Cancer Foundation also supports the research work of the Finnish Cancer Registry and the associated Mass Screening Registry, the research activities of the Finnish Cancer Institute Foundation, and the cancer research fund of the Nordic Cancer Union (NCU).

What are the sources of revenue for the Cancer Foundation’s fundraising?

Since 2012, the CSF’s nationwide fundraising has centred on the Cancer Foundation Finland. The Foundation’s fundraising revenue comes from individual donations, work with businesses and merchandise sales. The majority of donations are bequests. The Pink Ribbon campaign organised each October is the Cancer Foundation Finland’s largest fundraising event. The costs of fundraising and administration take up about 20 per cent of fundraising revenue.

About a third of the Cancer Foundation Finland’s revenue comprises investment portfolio returns. The investment portfolios are handled according to an investment plan endorsed by the Foundation’s board.

The William Thuring Foundation also provides the CSF with a sizeable endowment each year.