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Elected officials

The council of the Finnish Cancer Society comprises a chairperson and 26 members and as many deputy members. Twelve of the council’s members are elected from candidates nominated by the regional associations, and five members from candidates nominated by the patient organisations. A further 12 members are elected to the council. Each member has a personal deputy member elected on the same basis.

The Cancer Society’s highest decision-making body is the biennial conference, which elects the chairperson of the council for the next two years and half of the council’s members whose terms have expired.

The Cancer Society’s board has 12 members. The council elects the board members. Four of the board’s members have terms of one year. Those whose terms expire can continue for a maximum of two further terms, making a total of nine years, if they so wish and subject to the approval of the council. The board elects a chairperson from among its members.


Chairperson: Jukka Moilanen, Ulvila
Deputy chairperson: Riikka Grå, Hämeenlinna

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Board of the Cancer Society of Finland

Chairperson: Rauno Ihalainen, Tampere
Vice-Chairperson: Sari Rassina, Kuopio

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The Cancer Society and Cancer Foundation also have a common executive committee and finance committee.