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The Cancer Society

The Cancer Society of Finland is one of Finland’s largest patient and public health organisations as well as being an expert organisation nationally. The CSF’s work is influential in society and proficient in its field.

The aim of the CSF is to ensure a good quality of life for people in Finland whether or not they have cancer.

The CSF has 12 regional cancer societies and six national patient organisations. The CSF’s member societies are independent actors that adhere to commonly agreed values and working principles.

Member associations

The Cancer Society maintains a national and internationally important research body, the Finnish Cancer Registry. The Cancer Registry is a statistical and epidemiological cancer research institute. It runs a database of all cases of cancer in Finland. Part of the Cancer Registry comprises the mass screening registry, which directs cancer screening work and evaluates screenings nationally.

Finnish Cancer Registry

The Cancer Society and the Cancer Foundation have a common strategy. The boards of the two organisations meet jointly, and the Society and Foundation have the same Secretary General. They also have a common working committee and finance committee.


Elected officials