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The strategy of the Cancer Society and the Cancer Foundation Finland is their pledge to act decisively to promote health, prevent cancer, support people with cancer and reduce the adverse effects of cancer throughout the country.

The Cancer Society

The Cancer Society of Finland is one of Finland’s largest patient and public health organisations as well as being an expert organisation nationally. The CSF’s work is influential in society and proficient in its field.

Member organisations

The Cancer Society of Finland has 12 regional cancer associations and five national patient organisations. The CSF’s member associations are independent organisations that adhere to commonly agreed values and working principles.

Cancer Foundation Finland

The Cancer Foundation Finland is the largest private funder of cancer research in Finland. It is a charitable foundation and has had an important influence in developing cancer research and cancer control in the country.


The Cancer Society of Finland’s established finances are rooted in income from fundraising and investments. Grants also play an important part in financing our activities.


The Cancer Society of Finland (CSF) was founded in 1936. The incentive for its establishment was an endowment of five million Finnish marks, invested in radium used for treating cancer patients. At the time, cancer was still a relatively little known disease group, and in 1948 the Cancer Foundation was created to fund cancer research.