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Advice service

The Cancer Society of Finland’s advice service refers to the national advice service and the advice provided by our member organisations. The national advice service is a source of information and support for cancer patients, their loved ones and to anyone concerned about cancer.

Health care professionals with specialist knowledge of cancer provide the advice.

The purpose of the advisory work is to offer information on cancer prevention, early detection, symptoms and how to identify them, cancer treatment, recovery and rehabilitation, and health promotion. Advice is given by personal meetings, phone, email and online chat forums.

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Principles of the Cancer Society of Finland’s national advice service

  • The national advice service’s nurses answer general questions about cancer. The service does not make diagnoses.
  • The national advice service is confidential: nurses are bound by professional secrecy.
  • The national advice service does not generate a doctor-patient relationship. The law on patients’ status and rights does not apply to the service.
  • The national advice service does not replace the advice, examination or treatment given by a doctor or other health care professional.
  • The national advice service’s nurses do not have access to a client’s medical records.

The Cancer Society’s national advice service is a member of the ethical principles advisory committee on voluntary phone and online assistance.

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The nurses working on the Cancer Society’s advice service also provide advice on the hereditary risk of cancer. The national advice service includes the cancer pain hotline, a phone service devoted to issues of cancer pain. The cancer pain hotline operates from Helsinki University Central Hospital’s Pain Clinic.

The benefits advice service has a separate phone number, where you can get advice from professionals on questions about personal finance concerns.

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