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Research and regulatory responsibilities

An important part of the Cancer Society of Finland’s activity is that carried out by the Finnish Cancer Registry and the Mass Screening Registry that belongs to it. The Finnish Cancer Registry is a research institute dealing with cancer statistics and epidemiology. The Mass Screening Registry plans, develops and evaluates Finnish cancer screening programmes.

Finnish Cancer Registry(opens in a new window)

The Finnish Cancer Registry is a public authority. It maintains national health care cancer and cancer screening registers. The registers contain a database of cancer cases diagnosed since 1953 and national breast and cervical cancer screening databases. The Cancer Society is designated as maintaining the registries.

Government Decree on Screenings(opens in a new window)

The main work of the Cancer Registry also includes the provision of materials for researchers and the production of cancer statistics. The Cancer Registry plays a key part in producing scientific information to support health policy decision-making. The Registry’s statistics are nationally comprehensive and provide a basis for monitoring cancer survival rates, cancer screening and making reliable predictions.



The Finnish Cancer Registry produces highly regarded national and international cancer research. The Registry collaborates with a number of other Finnish research institutes. Data from its registers is used in many population-based healthcare studies. It carries out international cooperation in research with the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), among others, as well as with other Nordic cancer registries.

Assistance for research

The Cancer Foundation supports research by awarding grants to researchers. The Cancer Foundation also supports the activity of the Finnish Cancer Registry.