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Providing peer support and the development of support person activities are a central focus of the Cancer Society’s work. The Cancer Society trains peer support persons and palliative care support persons.

Volunteering in the Cancer Society of Finland

The more volunteers the Cancer Society of Finland has, the better it is able to help people with cancer and their loved ones. If you would like to help, come along and volunteer with us.

We offer our Cancer Society volunteers meaningful activities and ways to support people with cancer and their loved ones. Volunteers provide support and assistance to people in difficult life situations. The Cancer Society’s aim is that people with cancer have a good life despite cancer.

Our volunteers carry out a wide variety of tasks. Support person activities are the central focus of the Cancer Society’s volunteer activities. The Cancer Society also offers many other sorts of volunteer roles in various parts of Finland. Volunteers can for instance serve as:

The Cancer Society is committed to supporting volunteers, among other things, by

  • giving training and communication, thereby providing adequate preparedness to perform the tasks
  • offering support for carrying out and developing the tasks
  • treating volunteers with respect, equality and confidentiality
  • selecting the right people for the right tasks

The Cancer Society of Finland consists of 18 regional cancer societies and national patient organisations, which coordinate the local-level volunteering of the Cancer Society. All of the member associations carry out peer support volunteer activities. In addition, many member associations offer many other interesting opportunities for volunteering. These possibilities vary regionally.