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About the website

The content of the Cancer Society of Finland’s websites in a new window) in a new window) and in a new window) (including language versions) is protected by copyright. Unless otherwise stated, the use of the websites’ graphic and written content in other contexts requires the permission of the CSF.

Frantic Ltd is responsible for the technical production of the websites, while the CSF is responsible for their content.

If you would like to send us any feedback on the content of the websites, you can complete this form or send an email to in a new window).


The and sites use an abundance of photographs of people who are not necessarily directly linked to the topics – for instance concerning particular illnesses – covered in the written material.

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The and sites use cookies. This is to try to improve your experience of using the sites, improve them and give you well targeted content.

We use cookies to gather statistical information on visits to the sites. The statistics do not yield personal information about site users by which they could be identified. During campaigns the cookies are used for targeted advertising for visitors to the sites. Advertisements are targeted via third party ad networks such as Google and Facebook.

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