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The Social Insurance Institution of Finland, the Cancer Society of Finland and some hospitals organise rehabilitation for cancer patients. The rehabilitation offered by the Cancer Society takes the form of adaptation training courses. The aim is to supplement public rehabilitation services.

Rehabilitation offered by the Cancer Society is a form of adaptation training course. Its purpose is to supplement the public rehabilitation services. Adaptation training is provided by regional cancer associations and some national patient organisations.

The rehabilitation courses are intended for cancer patients and their loved ones. They aim to provide information on cancer and to support the patient and his loved ones in the physical, psychological and social recovery. They also seek to improve the patient’s and their family’s quality of life, life management skills and ability to cope with everyday life despite the disease.

Cancer Society’s rehabilitation courses

The Cancer Society’s aim is that everyone with cancer receives the support and rehabilitation they need. Regional cancer associations and national patient organisations arrange some 40 − 50 annual courses funded by Veikkaus, Finnish state-owned gaming company.

In addition to courses, the associations provide advice and peer support to assist rehabilitation.

Regional cancer associations and national patient organisations