The more volunteers the Cancer Society of Finland has the better it is able to help people with cancer and their loved ones. Our volunteers are a mainstay of our work.

The Cancer Society of Finland has 12 regional cancer societies and six national patient organisations. The member organisations are responsible for organising volunteer work.

The CSF has over 120 000 individual members and it needs more. Get involved in supporting the CSF:

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You can also support the CSF by making a donation to the Cancer Foundation:

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Become an activist

Getting involved in a club or association branch is a natural way to contribute to the work of the CSF. The CSF’s branches and clubs work at grassroots level.

There are many sorts of voluntary work you can become involved in. CSF volunteers can help out with odd jobs, provide peer support or share their experiences as experience trainers. Most of the voluntary work is in Finnish and some is in Swedish, while voluntary work in English can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Activists carry out a wide range of work in the local associations. Anyone can come along and help out or get involved in one of the clubs.

Volunteers run all the national patient organisations and regional cancer societies as well as the boards, working groups and committees that work under them. Most regional societies have activities at club and branch level.

If you would like to help the CSF, come and join in:

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Support persons

CSF support persons help people with cancer and their loved ones at the different stages of the disease. Support persons may themselves be cancer patients, relatives or friends of cancer patients or anyone who is interested in working for the CSF as a support person.

Support persons are committed to the CSF’s working principles, rules and values, and take a vow of silence. Support persons may offer their help to cancer patients or their loved ones at the different stages of the disease, or as support persons during hospice care, or as an everyday companion. The CSF provides training to support persons.

The CSF has peer support persons, hospice care support persons and experience trainers.

More about the work of CSF support persons, and the volunteer sign-up form:

CSF support persons (in Finnish)

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For further information, you can also contact the regional societies and the national patient organisations.

The Cancer Society of Finland’s member organisations