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The strategy of the Cancer Society and the Cancer Foundation Finland is their pledge to act decisively to promote health, prevent cancer, support people with cancer and reduce the adverse effects of cancer throughout the country.

The strategy will guide the work of the Cancer Society and Cancer Foundation Finland over the period 2015 – 2020. Read more about the key projects for the strategy period 2015–2020.

Mission statement: to beat cancer

The Cancer Society of Finland will reduce the risks and harm in society that cancer causes. The purpose of the Cancer Society is to beat cancer. We can beat cancer by preventing people getting the disease, detecting it earlier and by developing treatments for it. The Cancer Society seeks to ensure that cancer patients and their families get the best possible support and have as good quality of life as possible.

The values of the Cancer Society of Finland are

  • equality and justice
  • reliability
  • accessibility
  • a sense of community

A good life without cancer and despite cancer

Every third person in Finland will develop cancer during their lifetime. Two thirds of those who get cancer will survive.

The Cancer Society’s aim is that as few people as possible get cancer, that of those who do as many as possible make a full recovery, and that people who have incurable cancer can live as full lives as possible thanks to good treatment and support.

Strategic aims

The Cancer Society of Finland is a robust and proficient organisation whose goals are

  • to make cancer prevention and early detection more effective
  • support the development of cancer treatment
  • promote people’s good life despite having cancer
  • bolster cancer research.

You can read the CSF’s strategy in full here (pdf)