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The strategy of the Cancer Society and the Cancer Foundation Finland is their pledge to act decisively to promote health, prevent cancer, support people with cancer and reduce the adverse effects of cancer throughout the country.

The strategy will guide the work of the Cancer Society and Cancer Foundation Finland over the period 2021 – 2025.

Mission statement

The mission statement is to prevent cancer, promote survival, and provide support for those with cancer and their loved ones. The mission of the CSF is, according to its rules, to prevent the devastation caused by cancer.

The values of the Cancer Society of Finland are

  • Equality and fairnessThe CSF tries to ensure the best possible treatment regardless of where they live or how well-off they are. Everyone is equal in dignity.
  • AccessibilityThe services of the CSF are available without hindrance. Accessibility is taken into account when developing existing and new services.
  • ReliabilityThe CSF keeps its promise to cancer sufferers, their loved ones, CSF members, citizens, donors, decision makers, and researchers. The information provided by the CSF is accurate and up to date.
  • Sense of communityThe CSF is the largest and most influential patient and public health organisation in Finland. Its strength lies in its regional member associations and national patient organisations, the central office and their seamless cooperation. The community is built on volunteering, peer support and active membership. The CSF and the Cancer Foundation have common goals and their own roles in achieving them. The CSF works with other organisations to achieve these goals.

A good life without cancer and despite cancer

Our vision is that,

  • with prevention and early detection, fewer people will get cancer in the future,
  • more people will be fully cured by treatments, and
  • those with incurable cancer will, with care and support, be able to live as full lives as possible and
  • as cancer progresses, patients can be offered good palliative care and hospice care regardless of their place of residence.

Operating environment

The analysis of the operating environment is based on the CSF’s own forecasting and numerous published studies and reports.

The most important changes to the operational environment, from the CSF’s perspective, were identified as

  • population ageing
  • the structural reform of the social and health services
  • increasing inequality in society
  • increasing multiculturalism
  • urbanisation
  • digitalisation
  • changing significance and content of work
  • emphasis on climate change and sustainable development


The CSF is a strong and competent organisation that

  • promotes health, wellbeing, and cancer prevention
  • promotes a good quality of life for patients and loved ones, despite cancer
  • strengthens fairness and effectiveness in cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • strengthens cancer research and expertise

Development programmes

The achievement of the strategic goals will be augmented by development programmes, to be carried out throughout the strategic period. Each development programme will include one or more projects to be planned in 2020 for implementation starting in 2021.

The strategy 2021-2025 (pdf)