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The NCU’s call for research grant proposals is open


The Nordic Cancer Union’s (NCU) 2016 call for research grant proposals has opened.

The NCU provides funding to support and stimulate collaborative cancer research within the Nordic countries. Researchers working in two Nordic countries or more must be involved in the project. The research project must be cancer relevant and uniquely suited to be carried out within the Nordic countries, and the effect of collaboration should be synergistic.

NCU research grants are provided for one year. Further support for the project will require a new, yearly application. As a general rule, project funding can only be renewed twice; a project can obtain funding from the NCU for a total of maximum three years.

The application deadline is September 1st  2016 at 13:00.

For more information and the application instuctions, see the NCU website(opens in a new window).

The Cancer Society on Finland is a member of the cooperation forum for Nordic cancer organisations, the Nordic Cancer Union (NCU). The NCU furthers joint Nordic cancer research and carries out projects on stopping cancer with its member associations.