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Overview by secretary general

Looking back on last year, the Cancer Society of Finland faced partly unexpected changes in the operating environment. Parliament failed to reach a decision on the social welfare and healthcare reform and postponed the regional government reform. The new Alcohol Act did not increase total alcohol consumption to the expected degree. The major phenomena of the year included the instability of global politics, the stock market slump and the climate action movement.

Social advocacy

The purpose of the Cancer Society of Finland is to beat cancer. The Cancer Society works to reduce the risks and harm in society that cancer causes. Social advocacy is an important tool for implementing the CSF strategy and advancing the set objectives. Our advocacy work is both national and regional.

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Organisational activity

The Cancer Society of Finland is one of the country’s largest public health and patient organisations. The CSF has 18 member organisations, twelve of which are regional cancer associations, and six are national patient organisations. The total number of members at the end of 2018 was 117 953 (119 607 in 2017).

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Health promotion

The Cancer Society’s health promotion is a value-based, goal-oriented activity to promote public health and wellbeing and prevent cancer. We strive to influence social policy, general attitudes, social and healthcare practices, and individual choices. The key target groups are children, young people and adults.

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Finnish Cancer Registry

The Finnish Cancer Registry is a statistical and epidemiological research institute maintained by the Cancer Society of Finland. The CSF also maintains the national cancer registry of the National Institute for Health and Welfare, which includes mass screening registries for breast cancer and cervical cancer.

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In 2018, the Communications Unit promoted the implementation of the Cancer Society’s mission and key projects. The goal of CSF communications is that the information and services provided by the organisation can be found and used as easily as possible by patients, loved ones and all others with an interest in cancer.

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Sample Collections

Ever since its laboratory activities were discontinued, the Cancer Society of Finland has accumulated large quantities of biological samples. The sample collections are the result of work carried out in laboratories in Helsinki, Kotka, Oulu and Tampere.

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