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Looking back on last year, the Cancer Society of Finland faced partly unexpected changes in the operating environment. Parliament failed to reach a decision on the social welfare and healthcare reform and postponed the regional government reform. The new Alcohol Act did not increase total alcohol consumption to the expected degree. The major phenomena of the year included the instability of global politics, the stock market slump and the climate action movement.

The Cancer Society of Finland (CSF) implemented the CSF strategy ( with the help of key projects and the organisation’s development plan. The strategy includes seven key projects. The development plan contains twenty recommendations for strengthening organisational democracy and activity. The implementation of the recommendations and the key projects proceeded according to schedule. It is expected that they will be realised and completed in their intended scope during 2019.

During the year in review, most of our member associations adopted a joint system for member services (Järkkäri). For the second time, we organised a training session in Helsinki for elected officials at member associations.

The data system project of the Finnish Cancer Registry is on track, and the Mass Screening Registry started a similar project. A decision was made to replace the paper form for cancer notifications with an easy-to-use online notification tool. We also produced Swedish and English versions of the tool. However, the aim for the near future is to receive clinical cancer notifications straight from providers of specialised care.

During the year, the Cancer Registry was able to provide more effective and client-oriented services to researchers and other clients seeking information. Clients can find the statistics they need by using the Cancer Registry’s web application. In 2018, the Cancer Registry collaborated with relevant partners to initiate a new screening programme for colorectal cancer.

There were changes in our managerial staff as the chief medical officer and the financial and administration manager took up new tasks.

The CSF actively participated in the Finnish NCD Alliance, run by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the National Institute for Health and Welfare. The Alliance promotes the implementation in Finland of the World Health Organisation’s programme on non-communicable diseases. Our collaboration with other organisations led to the launch of a new project under the One Life umbrella project, which received a three-year grant by the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations.

Thanks to the implementation of the strategy, we succeeded in realising the objectives set for the year and in further strengthening the organisation’s internal teamwork and cohesion. The good operational and financial outcome provides a strong basis for our continued work and for preparing the next strategy period.