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Overview by the secretary general

The most important changes in the operating environment in the year in review concern the delay in social and health care restructuring, changes to Veikkaus’ operations, and the start-up of the Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Social advocacy

Aim: To advance our goals in political decision-making using social advocacy. The goals cover a wide range of our areas of activity and relate to all stages of the cancer patient's path.

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Health promotion

CSF health promotion is a value-based, goal-oriented activity for attaining human health and well-being and preventing cancer. The CSF conducts health promotion work in many fields.

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The CSF offered a wide range of training courses to various professional groups and volunteers. Some of the training work is described in connection with the description of CSF activities.

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Finnish Cancer Registry

The Finnish Cancer Registry is a statistical and epidemiological research institute maintained by the Cancer Society of Finland. The CSF also maintains the national cancer registry of the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), which includes mass screening registries for breast cancer and cervical cancer.

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The Communications Unit promoted the implementation of the Cancer Society’s mission and key projects. The goal of CSF communications is that the information and services provided by the organisation can be found and used as easily as possible by patients, loved ones and all others with an interest in cancer.

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Sample collections

Ever since its laboratory activities were discontinued, the Cancer Society of Finland has accumulated large quantities of biological samples. The sample collections are the result of work carried out in laboratories in Helsinki, Kotka, Oulu and Tampere.

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