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80th anniversary of the Cancer Society of Finland

The 80th anniversary of the Cancer Society of Finland was celebrated in 2016. The key messages of the anniversary were ‘for a good life, free from cancer and despite cancer’ and ‘voluntary work for cancer organisations is rewarding’.

Social advocacy

The aim of the Cancer Society of Finland is, according to its regulations, to prevent the harm that cancer causes to our people. In addition to health promotion, advice, rehabilitation, communications, and research, the CSF strives to further this aim by influencing policy decisions.

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Organisational activity

The Cancer Society of Finland is one of the country’s largest public health and patient organisations. The CSF has 18 member organisations, 12 of which are provincial cancer associations, and six are national patient organisations. The total number of members at the end of 2016 was 122 201.

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Health promotion

There are two main target groups in the health promotion work of the Cancer Society of Finland: adults interested in reducing their risk of cancer, and broad-based health promotion among youth.

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The Cancer Society of Finland’s training activities in 2016 were diverse and extensive. Training was offered variously to a range of professional groups and volunteers.

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International activity

In 2016 the Cancer Society of Finland worked actively with the Nordic Cancer Union, European Cancer Leagues, and the Union for International Cancer Control. The CSF also played a role, either directly or indirectly, in international organisations linked to CSF activity.

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Finnish Cancer Registry

The Finnish Cancer Registry is a statistical and epidemiological research institute maintained by the Cancer Society of Finland. The CSF also maintains the national cancer registry of the National Institute for Health and Welfare, which includes the breast cancer and cervical cancer mass-screening registry.

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The Communications Unit is responsible for the communications of the Cancer Society of Finland and the Finnish Cancer Foundation, and participates in the design and implementation of campaigns, events, websites and other communication projects of the Finnish Cancer Registry, Health Department and Fundraising Unit.

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Data management

Data management deals with the CSF’s data systems services and coordinates the organisation’s data systems in relation to procurement and development projects. A significant part of the services concern the Cancer Registry’s registration work and supporting research activities.

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