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The Cancer Society of Finland (CSF) comprises its member organisations, the Cancer Foundation and the Finnish Cancer Registry under a common constitution and strategy.

In 2021 the CSF had a total of 18 member associations: 12 regional cancer societies and six national patient organisations. These had a total of more than 110 000 members.

The Cancer Foundation supports cancer prevention and cancer research by raising and distributing funds. Fundraising for the CSF is centralised in the Cancer Foundation. The foundation is the largest private supporter of cancer research in Finland.

The Finnish Cancer Registry is an epidemiological and statistical research institute for cancer. Its nucleus is the population-based cancer registry and screening registers under the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). The Cancer Registry provides the authorities and the public with information on the cancer situation, provides researchers with material for cancer research and conducts its own research.

Strategy of the Cancer Society of Finland 2021–25

The CSF strategy is a pledge to work with determination to promote health, prevent cancer, support people with cancer and reduce the harm caused by cancer throughout the country.

Vision: A good quality of life without cancer and despite cancer.

Mission: to prevent cancer, promote cancer survival and provide support for people with cancer and their loved ones.

Aims: The CSF is a strong and competent organisation that

  • promotes health, wellbeing and cancer prevention
  • promotes a good quality of life for people with cancer and their loved ones, despite cancer
  • strengthens equity and effectiveness in cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Strengthens cancer research and expertise.

Development programmes. Five development programmes are at the heart of the implementation of the 2021-2025 strategy:

  • We work with people to benefit people.
  • We do things that have a major impact.
  • We promote our goals at every encounter.
  • We develop cooperation and a division of labour within the organisation.
  • We strengthen cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment by improving cancer research and expertise.

The development programmes will be implemented through projects launched annually. Projects selected for implementation in 2021 from 24 project proposals:

  • Developing new forms of volunteering
  • Developing more consistent communications
  • Identifying new services and their availability throughout Finland
  • Developing the Finnish Cancer Registry’s research and expert services (Tutka)

A periodisation plan covering the entire 2021-2025 strategic period has been drawn up for other projects.