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Overview by the Secretary General

The two key tasks of the Cancer Foundation are to fund cancer research and support work on cancer. The strategy adopted in 2014 and the 2016 renewed the rules and regulations bolster these two tasks.


Grants committee and evaluation committees, Cancer Foundation jubilee committee, Scientific committee for the 2018 Cancer Foundation symposium, Scientific committee for the 2019 Cancer Foundation symposium Administrative committees for funds and Representations.

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Support for cancer research

The Cancer Foundation provided support for cancer research through grants and other means totalling €8,8 million. In the autumn 2018, the Cancer Foundation awarded 94 scholarships totalling €6 333 000. The sum includes two major grants of €450 000 and one three-year major grant of € 300 000 plus 34 dissertation grants totalling €130 000.

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Training support

The 45th symposium of the Cancer Foundation was held in February on the topic of gynaecological cancers. The symposium is held annually, and is a multidisciplinary training event, in which over a 100 physicians who work with cancer take part.

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Every other year the Cancer Foundation awards the oncologist of the year and oncology nurse of the year prizes of €5 000. The prizes were presented in connection with the council meeting of the Cancer Society of Finland in December 2018.

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The Cancer Foundation’s finances remained stable in 2018. Using fundraising and investments the foundation was able to fulfil its purpose, according to its rules and regulations, fund cancer research, support the work of the Cancer Society of Finland and provide financial support to people with cancer.

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The Cancer Foundation does not have its own staff, and therefore the staff of the Cancer Society of Finland is responsible for the tasks of the foundation. Sakari Karjalainen, dosent and MD, has served as the secretary general of the foundation. €507 000 for the administration’s pay and personnel expenses and related expenses were transferred to the foundation (in 2017, the amount was €470 855).

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Related party activities in 2018

The definition of related parties and reporting of related party transactions in connection with the Annual Report is based on the Foundation Act that entered into force on 1 December 2015.There are no known related party events concerning persons who founded the Cancer Foundation in 1948, nor of their family members.

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