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The definition of related parties and reporting of related party transactions in connection with the Annual Report is based on the Foundation Act that entered into force on 1 December 2015.There are no known related party events concerning persons who founded the Cancer Foundation in 1948, nor of their family members.

The members of the board did not receive any remuneration in 2018. No salaries or fees were paid to the members of the executive committee. The foundation acquires its administrative services from the Cancer Society of Finland, whose employees are members of the executive committee. The compensation paid to the Cancer Society for administrative services and the bases for it are described in the appendix on financial statements (in the Finnish version of this report).

The applications of board members were evaluated in the same evaluation committees with other grant applications and with the same criteria. In 2018, a grant was awarded to board member Klaus Elenius. He was paid a grant of €50 000 and a grant of €25 000 in 2016. In 2017, a grant of €120 000 was paid to Sirpa Jalkanen, and a two-year grant of €60,000 to Jukka-Pekka Mecklin. A three-year grant of €75 000 was paid to Tapio Visakorvel in 2016. In total, members of the board were paid grants of €350 000.

Maija Hollmen, daughter of Sirpa Jalkanen, received a one-year grant of € 40,000, which was paid € 20,000 in 2018. This application was also evaluated in the same evaluation committees with other grant applications and the same criteria.

Nora Mattila, daughter of Kari Varkila, who started as a board member at the beginning of 2019, received a € 1 500 travel grant from the Cancer Foundation in 2018, also paid in 2018.

There were no family members or other close relatives of the auditors and the members of the executive committee of the Cancer Foundation.

In addition to related party transactions, one acquisition were reported in which the co-party was a company led and partly owned by a member of the executive committee. In 2017, the Cancer Foundation acquired pink ribbons Logonet Promotion Ltd for national resale for the Pink Ribbon fundraising campaign campaign by business partners and member associations. The purchase price was €77 280 (excluding VAT). A similar purchase decision was also made for the 2018 Pink Ribbon fundraising campaign. A shareholder in the company is the spouse of Helena Hulko, Director of Communications and Fundraising at the Cancer Foundation. Helena Hulkko has not participated in the preparation of procurement decisions and did not participate in them, and she was a member of the Cancer Foundation by her membership of the executive committee. The procurement decision was made on the basis of a competitive tender, in which four companies participated.