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A total of €137,822 was allocated to the Nordic Cancer Union (NCU)’s cancer research fund to finance joint Nordic research projects.

Nordic Cancer Union grants

The research fund distributes grants once a year, on the basis of applications, for joint Nordic projects. The NCU Scientific Committee, the Finnish representative on which was Professor Klaus Elenius, chairman of the Cancer Foundation grants committee in 2018, evaluated the applications. On the basis of the applications, the scientific committee also makes funding proposals for the NCU board to decide on.

Grants are awarded to projects that are important in terms of cancer and involve researchers from at least two Nordic countries. In addition, the projects must be appropriate to the Nordic countries, and collaboration must generate added value. In 2018, as in previous years, the total value of scholarships was €750 000 and was distributed to a total of 16 projects. The grants received by the projects ranged from €30 000 to €65 000. Five of the projects are headed by Finnish researchers.

Other forms of international cooperation

The Cancer Foundation cooperates with British company Researchfish. Researchers who received a scholarship from the Cancer Foundation in 2017 and beyond report their project results and outputs through the Researchfish © system. This enables getting a more accurate picture of the results and impact of research funding by the Cancer Foundation.