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The Cancer Foundation does not have its own staff, and therefore the staff of the Cancer Society of Finland is responsible for the tasks of the foundation. Sakari Karjalainen, dosent and MD, has served as the secretary general of the foundation. €507 000 for the administration’s pay and personnel expenses and related expenses were transferred to the foundation (in 2017, the amount was €470 855).

The administration is responsible for the Cancer Foundation’s grant applications, evaluating applications, and arranging follow-up.  In accordance with the basis of calculation established by the board, the foundation was invoiced for the work of the secretary-general, the financial and administrative director, finance (three people) and administration (three people), and to a small extent the chief medical officer and the director of communications.


IT management

The Cancer Society of Finland’s IT management is partly responsible for the information system services of the Cancer Foundation. The Clara program is used as a fundraising client management system. For grant administration, system produced by Datalink Ltd is used in the grant administration and payment. The Cancer Foundation has a 2016 contract for the use of the English Researchfish © service. The service collects information on the results and impact of the projects funded by the Cancer Foundation.

Memberships and networks

The Cancer Foundation is a member of the Finnish Fundraising Association, which is an important contributor to operational changes in fundraising activities. The foundation is also a member of the Council of Finnish Foundations, which is an important actor in the monitoring of the Foundation Act, especially from the perspective of grant foundations. The Cancer Foundation was one of the founders of a collaborative network of foundations supporting medical research. At the end of 2018, the network launched a study on the state of funding and the operating environment for medical research in Finland.

Cooperation agreement

Since 2012, the Cancer Foundation has had a partnership with Roschier, a law firm specialising in business law. Roschier donates its expertise to the Cancer Foundation amounting to about 20 hours a month. With its help, we were able to develop matters related to contracts and trademarks.